You are eternal bliss

August 13, 2014


In today’s morning (27th May, 2014) Satsang from Varanasi, Parahamsa Nithyananda expanded on continuously expanding your thinking into Advaitha. He told “ You are sachitananda, nithyananda swaroopi and anything that tells you otherwise –complete with it. Then he defined responsibility and maturity telling us that they should be the aim of our life. Advaitha makes you responsible and mature. Let the great truth Nithyanandoham reverberate your being. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I will expand on “CONTINUOUSLY EXPANDING YOUR THINKING INTO ADVAITHA”. I also wanted to announce to all the regular satsanghis, people who watch the satsangh through Sadhna TV and Nithyananda TV, and two-way video-conferencing, to all of you I have a good news. Soon, I am going to start speaking on Upanishads, series of satsanghs on Upanishads. It will be like a ten-day, twenty-one-day, fifteen-day package kind of a thing, but it will be free. It is a free programme available. Soon you can expect Upanishad coming into your bedroom. In those days you had to go to forest, caves, to learn Upanishads, or to monasteries. Now we are reaching out to you in your bedroom! In your life, in your comfort, knowledge is reaching you. Today I wanted to expand on expanding all your thinking, decision, expanding all your thinking, decision, expanding all your thinking, decision. Listen, I am repeating three times. In Sanskrit, anything which is repeated three times, you are expected to listen, not give any other meaning or interpretation. That is why in Upanishads, any statement, line, idea, which the masters wanted you to receive it as it is without any commentary or any interpretation, they repeat that line three times. ‘Tat Twam Asi Svethakethu, Tat Twam Asi! Tat Twam Asi! Tat Twam Asi! Tat Twam Asi!’ The Upanishad rishi doesn’t want any of these stupid pundits and their interpretation to distort this truth. That is why he is repeating the Maha Vaakya nine times. So, now I am repeating this line three times. Listen! Expand your thinking and action as per the Advaithic truths. I don’t want my this statement to be interpreted, commented by anybody. Better I myself will comment on it and expand it. You are Satchitananda Parabrahma! You are eternal truth, eternal consciousness, eternal bliss, Nithyananda Swaroopi! Anything which tells you otherwise is not wise; complete with it. Anything which tells you otherwise is not wise; complete with it. Again and again and again, I am going to repeat this. Again and again and again, I am going to repeat this. Please understand, again and again and again, I am going to repeat this. Yesterday I was talking to many devotees in San Jose during the Kalpataru Darshan. I saw the kind of mood our devotees are carrying. Really I am not okay about it. I wanted our Sangha to know, please understand, just talking about the greatness of Inner Awakening, greatness of me, and not taking responsibility, you may be Fan Club, but you can never be Sangha! Sangha, you can become Sangha only when you stand up with responsibility. Somebody told me, ‘I have a job. I have to run the house.’ What do you mean? Don’t be so mean! You are such an amazing power, possibility! First complete with this impossible consciousness, impossible concept with which you are almost spending your whole life. First, you need to know, possibility is not quantity-based decision; it is quality-based decision. You feeling something is possible or impossible is not dependent on the number of work, projects you have in front of you. It is the clarity you have about you. You can’t say, “I have this many projects. Morning I have to get up and wash my @**&@#$%, and then take bath, and then take up the car, then drive to office, then do the office work, this, this, this, this....’ The number of projects I have in front of me, based on that, the idea of possible or impossible can never happen in your system. If that is the reason, if the number of projects is dictating the concept of your possible or impossible, you are not a human-being, you are already dead, because you are driven by the matter! The number of projects cannot make you decide possible or impossible. The number of things you need to do cannot make you think tired or bored. The number of things you need to do cannot be dictating the space you carry. If the number of things you need to do is dictating the space you carry, you are growing without the bone called “responsibility”, you will never achieve the zone called “maturity”. I am defining “Responsibility” understand: The number of things you need to do in the external world, projects,

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