You are God!

December 8, 2013


In today's morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on the practical implications of infinite gods who are all infinitely powerful and have infinite intelligence. He explained how all sampradayas are true and that there is no need for fighting since all gods are infinitely powerful and fighting is an expression of powerlessness and no one needs to declare supremacy over others. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will continue to expand on the revelation I was giving yesterday, the experiential expression-- "infinite gods with infinite powers, with infinite intelligence". Because, each one of them are independently infinitely intelligent, there is no need for any one controlling mechanism or guiding mechanism. Many of my disciples cannot tolerate that! Some of my sannyasis and ashramites, they were asking me.....yesterday, big debate! 'No, no, no, what do you mean? If you tell this, then no one needs to do anything! They will all tell they are God, they don't need to do any Completion! They will not regulate themselves! They will not do any spiritual practice! They will do what they want!' I said, 'Let them do. What is the problem!' I told my disciples who asked, I said, 'I think you have a deep incompletion about your failures and self-doubts. Out of that incompletion you want me as a part of your life.' Please understand, out of any incompletion if you want me as part of your life, you will not have me in the right way. I should be only Guru, enlightening you, not as a CEO, boss or time-keeper monitoring your activities. I am the last one! No! I don't want to be any of that! I don't want to be any of that! Because you have incompletions with your self-doubts, you expect me to fill all those gaps, you want me to play all those roles. That is why you think I should play this role for everyone. No! It is very important for you to know I should play only the role of Guru, enlightening you. That is it! That is it! And when I say 'That's it!', I mean "That's it!" Not any other role like a boss, CEO, organization head, no! I should not be playing any of that role in your life. Please understand, when you think you are God and infinitely intelligent, automatically you will live in that space of Completion; Integrity will be your breath, Authenticity will be your hand movements, Responsibility will be your stomach movements, Enriching will be your life. You don't need separate teachings. You will understand you are God, you are complete, you are independent intelligence only when you are complete. You cannot use the "God" mask to cover something on your face. Godliness cannot be used as a mask; it comes as a "tejas" from inside. It cannot be used as a mask to cover something on your face, but it comes as brightness from inside. I tell you, all these mundane questions, I think not only these questions look mundane for me, I think many of you these questions will look mundane, especially after going through this Level-4 processes. I tell you guys, this Inner Awakening Level-4 is the best program I have ever conducted! Even if the program ends today, I will feel job satisfaction. It is not going to end, don't worry! Even if it ends today, I will feel I have done my job. Of course, we have more work. This is the best program I have ever conducted! Blessed are those especially who have done Level-1, Level-2, Level-3 and come here; because you guys can catch the whole thing without missing. Most blessed are those who have done two Inner Awakenings and come; because it is like a very strong foundation. Even if you have come straight, it is okay; if you catch it, that is enough; if you catch the spirit of the whole program, that is enough. Because, many of the unsaid things, if you catch if you are first timer. What a experience. So, today, I wanted to expand with some more addition of that experiential expression, "Nithyanandam", the practical implications of that principles, that experiential expression. The word "principle", "philosophy", none of these words will suit, can be equivalent to "experiential expression". I will use the word, Sanskrit word "Tattwa" -- "experiential expression". "Tat" "Twa" -- "the Truth" "You". The Truth told to you. "Tat" "Twa" is Tattwa. Experiential expression, the equivalent word in Sanskrit is "Tattwa". I have no equivalent words in English. So, this tattwa, the Nithyanandam, the tattwa, I will expand with some more detail. And the practical implications of this tattwa, the practical implications of this tattwa is called "Tattwa Gnana". First principle: All of us are Gods. Second: Not equally powerful, but infinitely powerful. Please understand, infinite gods, each of them infinitely powerful! How much power to express and radiate is up to us. Infinitely powerful and, please listen, infinitely powerful and infinitely intelligent. Please listen, this word I am adding today; I have not added that word yesterday, today I am adding -- "infinitely intelligent".

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