You are not just the body

over 9 years ago


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares that a Sannyasi is a person who has a romance with life! Many of us are living in fear of death, thinking that we are only the body and with its death, we also die. Once we have the understanding that we are only centered on this body and that the death of the body is only an interval in the long procession of lives, we breathe a sigh of relief, relax, and begin the romance with life. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today I will expand on "SANNYAS", the concept of Sannyas from different angles. How, whether you take Sannyas or not, this concept is directly useful to you to understand your life and enrich your life, you will understand now. Please listen! Come to the space of listening, so that whether you take Sannyas or not, this concept is really useful to you. Listen! Basically, there are two ways of thinking: · One: thinking that the body you are carrying is everything in your life. From morning till night, washing it, decorating it, painting it, clothing it, feeding it, putting it to sleep; nothing else goes on in your mind, nothing else gets into your system. That is one type of thinking, one kind of thinking. · Second: understanding that you are centered on this body, but not only the body. Please understand, there is a group of people who think they are only the body. There are a few intelligent people who understand they are centered on the body. You are centered on the body, but you are not only the body. You are not just the body, you are centered on the body. So, please understand, body is your center. There are tons of things you do based on the body -- relating with the world, relating with humanity, relating with Nature, relating with every piece of your life; but, unfortunately, when you cognize you are only the body, everything in your life gets corrupted. Your attitude towards others, your attitude towards humanity, your attitude towards the Cosmos, your attitude towards the universe, your attitude towards everything is corrupted. When this one understanding is corrupted, when you start thinking you are only the body, you think everything is produced only to be applied on or swallowed by your body. When you see a fish, you see it as food. Even when you see a snake, you see it as food. Whether you see a goat, a cow, or any animal, you see it only as food. Because, when you are thinking you are only the body, you think everything is created just to satisfy the body; or, if it is not created for that, you will find a method to convert everything to satisfy this body -- attack, conquer, blow it out, destroy! This idea that you are only the body is the most dangerous, corrupt, poisonous idea which deforms your consciousness. How arthritis slowly brings deformity in the body, this one idea, 'I am only the body', brings deformity in your consciousness. If you just understand you are centered in your body, you are not the body; the first thing that will happen to you is, you will be relieved from the death fear and anxieties caused by death idea; the heaviness which all of us carry in our heart because of the anxiety due to death, the anxiety due to death! All your anxieties, when you trace back the root, it will end up in death! Death happens once, but is happening every moment! Please listen! Happens once, but HAPPENING every moment! When you are released from the idea that you are not only the body, the first biggest relief you will feel is, 'Wow! The death of the body is not going to destroy me, end my life!' Please understand, death of the body is not the climax of your life, it is the interval of your life! It's not a climax. It may be an exciting scene; a pause, but not full stop! It will bring such a big relief 'Wow!' And only then, only when you have that relief, 'Romance with life starts sprouting.' Please understand, I'm using the word 'sprout'; how a seed sprouts, romance with life starts happening! If romance with life starts in you, you are a Sannyasi. If you think everything is body, listen to this story: Three engineering students gather together to discuss the possible designers of the human body. One fellow says, `It was a mechanical engineer. Just look at all the joints.' The second fellow says, `No, it was an electrical engineer. See the nervous system has many thousands of electrical connections.' The last fellow says, `Actually it was a civil engineer. Who else would run a toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area?' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If you think everything is body, you should understand this joke! Everything is not body. Please understand, you are centered on the body. I am not saying you don't have any relationship with your body. You have the same amount of relationship with your body that you have with the other person. Body is also other person in your life. So you are centered on the body.

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