You are the boss of your life

April 5, 2012


TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANGS ON 4TH APRIL 2012 AT BIDADI ASHRAM,INDIA In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) demonstrates how to integrate our short-term productivity with our long-termcreativity. The two are unified by our inner attitude. When we understand that every action is an opportunity to enhance the lives of others and thereby also raise our own integrity, we spontaneously move toward increasing our excellence in every task. We become completely honest in our work because perfection is our natural inclination. Once all our work is infused with this principle of expansion, the long-term results likewise reflect our authentic creativity. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Q: How might we rebalance compensation and measurement systems to provide incentives for long term value creation along with short term performance? A: The first thing. There is no such thing separately. See Your questions says: Long term value creation and the short term performance is two separate. No. Please understand. Being is long term value creation, doing is short term performance. That's all. If there is problem in doing, there is a problem in being. If there is a problem in being, there will be a problem in doing. These two are not two separate things. What is long term value creation? Understanding and internalizing, spiritually realizing the importance and the method of the short term performance is long term value creation. Understanding, internalizing philosophically realizing the importance of short term performance is long term value creation. Why you should perform in short term, why you should immediately deliver, why you should be productive. I tell you again and again and again human beings suffer with the concept why should I be productive responsible working. This is what way going to add to my spiritual life. Array you don't understand, only when you perform, when you create, take the responsibility, your own understanding about you raises. Your own idea about you raises. There is no other way. Only when you take the responsibility, contribute and make difference in others lives, either directly or you do actions which makes differences in other life, you have a right understanding about you. What is long term value creation? It is nothing but creating the right understanding and internalization. I can give you 100s of examples, where if the right understanding, philosophical realization is not there, the delivery also won't be there. Even a small action like morning you get up and make coffee for yourself or for your family, have philosophical internalization. Even the reason for that very small act, think and philosophically internalize. Why should I do? What is the need? If you understand that naturally as a basic natural evolution process, your mind will start saying, how better I can make this coffee. Understand, by nature you are a person expanding. If you are not expanding, you are not philosophically convinced; there is something seriously wrong with your inside. Long term value creation is nothing but philosophically internalizing, understanding, realizing the short term performance. When you philosophically internalize, and realize every action you need to perform, simply the long term creation will also happen and the short term performance will happen every day by your nature will ask how can I better my short term performance? It is nothing but non-internalization and continue to live with a hypocrisy of non-internalization. I tell you, if you philosophically internalize the necessary for the short term performance and build the long term values, even if you are not part of the sanga, any fear and greed, that also you will not compromise with that. You will go on performing. Because performing is life. The other day I was teaching, Jothish Sutras. The Astrology rules for close group of Ashramites. See in the Nava Grahas, the nine planets, the nine energies which influences your life, two Gurus, two shadows, 5 planets. Two gurus are the Deva Guru, Bruhaspati means Guru of Gods, Guru of Demons, Sukra, two shadows are Rahu and Ketu, 5 planets -- Sun, Moon, Angaraha, Buda, and Saturn. The two shadows are Rahu and Ketu. Ketu will always lead you to the thought trend of expansion, expansion, expansion. Rahu will always lead you to the thought trend of Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking. When you are cornered, when you are in very critical position, when you are questioned, if you feel how can I become fortunate to be fit in this situation, how can I expand, how I will be successful here, you are possessed by ketu. If you are feeling Oh, what is there all these things, kick-it out, let us go to something else, let us go for some other option, what is there...if not here, there - then you are hold, you are possessed by Rahu. Devaguru, the master of Gods will always put you from Rahu to Ketu means negative pattern to Positive pattern. He will always be pushing you.

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