You are the Space for Miracles

November 17, 2013


TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you for this Kalpataru Nithya Satsangh. And, before entering into the satsangh, I wanted to take a few minutes, a few seconds to express my deep condolences to Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj's devotees, disciples. Yesterday morning, Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj attained Mahasamadhi. He left for the divine abode of Goloka. And, Maharaj is one of the great pillars of Hinduism. He and his Sangha, his organization, have done so much to Hinduism.....unimaginable contribution! And, such a humble being after contributing so much; he is a ninety-one-year-old great Jeevan Muktha! And, I and the Nithyananda Sangha offer our respects to Kripalu Maharaj and deep condolences to his Sangha and his Sangha members. Today, Nithyanandeshwara Brahmotsava 9th day! So, Mahadeva, Nithyanandeshwara, is gracing us in a special floral decoration with Nithyanandeshwari having a flower crown. And today, Nithyananda Hindu Sangham in Malaysia is celebrating Diwali Unity Celebrations at Banquet Hall in Malaysia Medical Academy, Kuala Lumpur. Blessings for the program! All the Hindu organizations -- ISKCON, Saiva Siddhantha Mantram. Brahma Kumaris, Rudra Samaj, Divine Life Society, Sri Vidya Peetham-- all of them have been invited. Blessings! And, today, Nithyananda Hindu Sangham is also starting a project. They are going to feed one lakh people, 100,000 people on Thaipoosam. Blessings for the project! It will be successful! It will be successful! And, in the Batu Caves one million devotees will gather. Nithyananda Hindu Sangham is going to feed 100,000 people. Great! And they also want to enrich at least 10,000 people with the Four Powers classes. Great! My blessings! This project will be successful! I will move to today's satsangh. I will expand on the concept of "CREATING A SPACE" today. Please listen! The whole Cosmos itself was created when Mahadeva decided to create a space for the universe. Mahadeva, in His pure form, is Shiva. When He created a space for the world to happen, that is Hiranyagarbha, from there the Shakthi radiated, and this whole universe happened. Please understand! Use exactly the same technique to create what you want in your life! So understand, when you create a space, this is the first thing you face. So complete with that first! Completion with that is the most important thing. And the second problem will be: You will trust 'Yes, if the space is created it will become reality, but, will I be able to create that space?' That is the second doubt. Again, this is also incompletion due to confusion and earlier failures. Please listen! Earlier, whenever you created a space, you were not successful. You never did the whole science properly. Never the science was done beautifully. It's like you saying, 'No, no, no, no, no, earlier also I invited many people for my younger brother's marriage nobody came. This time how can I expect everyone will come? Now, when I'm inviting everyone for my sister's marriage' Fool, last time on the invitation, you did not put the date and time! You give a big lecture, 'No, no, you don't know, I picked and chose the cards, I went to the printing press, I gave the model, looked at the proof, I printed, I put the address and sent it to them; I just forgot one thing -- date and time! Then how can they attend? Last time you failed because you missed something vital, so this time don't miss it, that's all. Please listen! Create the space for what you want by visualizing it in the present! Bringing your past hangover into the present is 'Incompletion', bringing your future possibility into the present is 'Space'. Please listen! Bringing your past hangover into the present is 'Incompletion'. Bringing your future possibility into the present is 'Space Creation.' Bring your future possibility into the present and decide that you will not challenge the power of the Space, but you will take the responsibility to fulfill that space! You always have only these two attitudes: either you side or oppose! Because you start doubting the power of space you start doubting, 'eh, I created the space for ten crore to come to me, will it come or what, I'll challenge! Who is ready to take the challenge on the other side? Nobody! You are challenging the air, empty space or yourself! God is not coming and standing there telling, 'O, my son, I am the guarantor for the space creation. Come on, you are throwing a challenge, I'll take up the challenge, let us fight!' No! He just says, 'Tathaasthu!' and goes away to carry on with His life! So, listen, when you create a space, stop fighting with it, stop challenging it. Start taking responsibility for it. Start taking responsibility for the space you have created. Listen! Extraordinary enlightenment science is being revealed to all of you in a most simple, possible, practical way. Please take it up.

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