You Are The Ultimate

November 18, 2014


In today’s (17th November, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the best way for us to prepare for Inner Awakening in Cambodia. When our patterns are bombarding us, trying to overtake us, it is best not to fight with them. When we sit with ourselves regularly, we can reduce the speed in which these patterns attack, making our system ready for the Advaithic experience. Our inner space is already hardwired to experience Shivoham – we are the Cosmos! TRANSCRIPTS:- First, I wanted to tell you all, even I was preparing for Cambodia, understand? HAHA! For all the programmes till now happened in our Sangha, you guys only prepare; but, for this Cambodia Inner Awakening, even I am preparing! Then, understand, how the programme is going to be! I am just preparing the body, mind, to raise itself to the highest possibility, keep itself in the peak possibility, and release the experience of Shivoham. After a long time, I took to Parivrajaka Yatra for few days, last few days, preparing my body and mind, spending little time in Omkareshwar, and literally prepared my body and mind and of course, consciousness doesn’t need any preparation – to give the experience of Shivoham to all of you. Listen, the few realizations I wanted to share with you all from the last few days of my spending time with myself. Please understand, that is tapas for me. I don’t do any other tapas other than just being with me, Upanishad with myself, Atma Upanishad, sitting with the Soul, sitting with the Cosmos. The first thing I wanted to tell all of you, Shivoham, the experience that you are the Cosmos, the ultimate Advaithic experience, is simply possible! You don’t need anything other than little bit of settling down, understand. See, when I tell you, ‘You are Mahadeva; remember Shivoham!’ the number of questions crosses you are the impossibilities which hits at you at that moment, saying, ‘how can I be? No, no’. Actually, your logic will not even be fully uttered. You will just deny, ‘Nothing! Impossible! Forget about it! I have so much problems! Shivoham? If I am Shiva, then Shiva must have lived really a bad life!’ HAHAHAHAHAHA! Instead of you going up to the level of Mahadeva, you will bring Mahadeva down to your level! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! See, when I tell you, ‘You ARE Shiva! You ARE the Cosmos!’, the first initial self-denials which comes, the speed with which they are attacking you, just you need to reduce the speed of that; that’s all; nothing else! Last few days I was literally doing mono-acting. Means, I became you and retained my original space and tried to become original me. Means, the Jeeva becoming Shiva, from all dimensions I was playing, from all possibility I was working on this – Jeeva becoming Shiva – and looking at what all the ways more, what all the doors, new doors which I have not yet opened, I can open for all of you to experience Shivoham. Actually, that was the theme with which I was just sitting with myself for last few days. I don’t know how many days; maybe four days or five days, I don’t know....whatever. I was just sitting with myself spending time; what all the ways I can open the door of Shivoham to all of you. I think almost six days, ok, and nights; because I don’t have something separately called sleep. Day and night I was just sitting with myself. So, becoming the Jeeva, and trying to reach Shiva – it was a nice game within myself – and see the possibilities, see how the different complex patterns give you suffering, how they are able to convince you more than me. Please understand, unless there is a romance between your soul and my soul, you can never become a disciple of me. The moment you become a disciple, already your soul has recognized the eternal romance. That is why you even took the first step. The eternal romance.....even this word is misused and abused, understand. When I say ‘eternal romance’, I mean the experience the soul feels when it starts strongly feeling that it has met its Completion part, its fulfilment, the goal of its journey. Only when your soul, not your mind, your soul feels that I am the goal of your journey, the disciple-hood starts happening. Now I don’t want to use the word ‘eternal romance’; I wanted to use the word, better, straight words. Even after recognizing I am your goal, what is it that convinces you more than my ability to convince you? See, whole day, every day, my satsangh to you, or me appearing to you wherever you are, whenever you call me, or pray for me ask for my help, all this is a long.... LINK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION:- video/you-are-ultimate

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