You can never be destroyed

August 6, 2014


In today’s (02nd August 2014) morning satsang from Hardwar Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on how completion can expand every aspect of your life and make you experience the mysteries. He told us to go back and re-live the incident and suddenly your bio-memory will wake up and your pattern will lose its power over you. Only advaitha satya is built on logic and can stand the scrutiny of consciousness; inner awakening for living. Your incompletions will melt down and your consciousness cannot be broken. I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today I wanted to expand on how Completion can change every aspect of your life, whether it is health, wealth, relationships, joy, getting you out of tiredness and boredom, making you experience the mysteries of life, making you experience the mysteries of life, above all, saving you from all the attacks. I will tell you about it. Listen! By destroying others through the actions of incompletion, at the most you can survive, not thrive. See, the fellow who snatches chains in the road, maybe he is able to have two meals, maybe he will be able to have his basic needs for some time; that also, not permanently. Don’t be jealous of him. ‘See, without doing anything, he is just snatching, he is just having his food!’ Don’t be jealous; because, he can never thrive. Understand, whenever you see actions out of incompletions getting performed... Please understand, all actions out of incompletion are nothing but exploiting the other person. Exploitation! All acts of exploitation happen out of incompletion, whether it is your health, for you to be healthy, killing another one being, killing another one life! Sometimes I am surprised, just for you to have a snack, somebody has to die! For you to have your snack, somebody has to die! What a dangerous person you are then! Whether it is in the field of so-called health, or the field of wealth, or in any field, existence of life, actions out of incompletion, you may be able to survive, but not thrive. I tell you, do actions out of Completion; you will go on be contributing! You will go on be contributing! The person who contributes can thrive, I am really telling you! Action out of Completion always contributes....always contributes! Actions out of Completion always contribute, and this contribution makes you thrive, flourish. When you relate to your body out of Completion, not only you survive, but it also becomes a beautiful space to live in and operate, perform, do what you want to do. If you feel happy to be inside your body, if you feel it is doing what you want to do in your life, then you are the most beautiful, handsome person in the world, be very clear! The so-called beauty and handsomeness cannot be given by the body-paint industry. Industries which give you cosmetic products, spare-parts, attachments, dimension attachment mechanisms, they cannot dictate terms, they cannot set a trend as to who is beautiful and who is not. If you are happy to live inside your body, and you are happy that it is performing what you want in your life, I am telling you, you are the most beautiful, most handsome person on the Planet Earth! You are the most beautiful, most handsome person on the Planet Earth! Relationship through Completion, relationship through Completion, whether it is with your body or your mind, I go on reminding every day, because I wanted you to understand, there is nothing else to tell on Planet Earth, there is nothing else that is important to tell. The last moment of Buddha or Shankara or a Jeevan Muktha, when he is about to leave the body, whatever teaching he gives, is the essence. Like Buddha said, ‘Appo Deepo Bhava!’ Means, ‘Let you be a light unto yourself!’ Each Master gives the essence of what he was teaching throughout his life, at the last moment. If this moment I have to give up my life, I will just say, ‘COMPLETION!’, and leave the body! That’s all! Completion with yourself, Completion with others, Completion with the Universe, Completion with God, Completion with body, Completion with mind, Completion with health, Completion with wealth, Completion with Completion itself! I will just say, ‘COMPLETION!’, and leave the body! And I will feel complete about it! I just want to take a few minutes to inform all the Sadhna TV viewers, satsanghis, from tomorrow, the morning satsangh will be 7 am to 8 am, full one hour. We will be having full one hour morning satsangh! Sorry, not from tomorrow, from yesterday we started, and we will continue to have. From yesterday it is happening for one hour from 7 am to 8 am, and we will continue to have.

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