You can never be violated

October 5, 2014


In today’s (3rd October, 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda answers a profound question: what is the one belief or incompletion in which all humanity is suffering? He explains it is our belief that we can be violated. We can never be violated because it is the law of life. As we are not the body, mind or emotions, we cannot be cut, killed, burnt or dried. We are pure consciousness! TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to expand on two important Advaitha Sathyas. Please listen! Go into the depths of Completion, deeper and deeper and deeper levels of Completion. You will discover you are your friend and you are your enemy, you are your God and you are your demon. Please listen! Go to the depths of Completion. When you come to the subtle layers of, the deepest layers of your incompletions, it is almost like a..... Listen! A small movement inside the earth’s plates causes a huge earthquake on the surface of the earth, and causes tsunami and damage. But the root cause is just a small movement in the earth’s plates in the deeper level. If you get into your system, into your being, and do more and more and more Completion, you will also touch the space, the source of earthquake and tsunami. In that space you will realize you are your best friend if you do Completion, you are your worst enemy if you don’t attend to yourself. You are your God if you complete with yourself. You are your enemy if you don’t complete with yourself. You are your demon if you don’t complete with yourself. Listen! If you do more and more Completion with yourself – I am not giving you false promises – you will experience so many miracle powers! So many miracle powers, so casually will be expressing! And, if you don’t complete with yourself, within no time, before even you come to your senses, before you even realize, you would have sunk, you would have gone so deep, you will be constantly attracting accidents, you will be seeing the channel of accidents, your whole life will be a long chain of accidents. Whether you want your life to be a long chain of miracles or long chain of accidents, choose, decide. Whether you want your life to be a long chain of accidents or you want your life to be a long chain of miracles, choose. And, I tell you, within a month of regular Completion, you will realize how you yourself cherish so many things which you want to give up, how you yourself celebrate your ignorance. Find out the reason why you celebrate your ignorance, irresponsibility. Your anger towards your boss, you just want to do opposite to what your boss wants. So, what your boss wants? He wants you to be responsible. ‘Come on! Let me be irresponsible and challenge him and see what he can do to me! He cannot get anything out of force from me!’ Fool! By this decision you destroy your possibility! He will not be the loser, you will be the loser. It's like a stupid You drink the poison and you expect your boss to die? Your anger towards your father decides you never to take any responsibility or involvement in life. Your anger towards your mother, look in, it is so subtle incompletions. And, I tell you, the most stupid belief a human-being can have is the belief that he can be violated, understand? The belief that you can be violated is the most stupid belief you can have. Neither physically nor emotionally or psychologically or at the being level you can be violated. Understand! You can never be violated! Your wrong perceptions about you will always be violated. If you think you are the body, you will constantly be violated even by the look of somebody! If you think you are the mind, you will constantly be violated just by the word of somebody! If you think you are emotions, you will constantly be violated just by somebody not respecting you as you want! Whatever gives you the feeling you can be violated, renounce that as early as possible. END OF SATSANG:- The essence of today’s satsangh: I CANNOT BE VIOLATED IN ANY FORM, IN ANY WAY! I AM ABSOLUTELY UNVIOLATABLE! I AM ABSOLUTELY NON- VIOLATABLE! Then you will become non-violent. The real non-violence will happen only when you know you are non-violatable. Because, that gives you the tremendous fulfilment, Completion! Then why will you violate somebody? It is Completion which makes you give the space of Completion to others. When you declare in the Inner Image: ‘I cannot be violated!’, your outer image will be naturally - I will not be violate!’, Others Image will be: ‘He will not be violating!’, your Life Image and Others Image will be: ‘No one will violate anyone! No one will violate anybody!’ CLICK for FULL Transcripts:-

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