You Manifest the Cosmic You Through Me!

November 4, 2019


Satsang delivered on 8th October 2019 You seeking the Cosmic you makes the Cosmic you manifest through me for you to experience the Cosmic you. If a child is taught this truth before the age of 7, he will achieve the goal before he gets into physical maturity. If he is taught this truth after physical maturity, he will achieve this enlightenment before 21. If a child understands this, he will not have any of the strong patterns with which he suffers his whole life from the young age. He will know whether he has some fear or incompletion or greed or anything, it is only him seeking his Cosmic identity. I am speaking not because I have to speak. I am speaking because I have the responsibly of taking the human consciousness to the next level, super consciousness. i am talking for my only purpose: giving you enlightenment, and giving you super conscious growth, leading you to the next level of enlightenment.

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