Your failures are not you

December 6, 2013


In today's morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda brought us to the powerful understanding that whatever we think about our self is psychodrama. He went on to explain that always considering the interests of the stake holders as first priority in any action is living in gratitude and living in gratitude is enriching, There should be no personal acceptance or resistance, no fearing or favoring then in success or failure no decision will fail you, you will be operating from the space of completion. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I'll expand on "THE SPACE OF GRATITUDE". First of all, get back to your Mamakara you carry, the idea of "I" you carry. See, the idea of "I" you carry is surely not the truth; but that is the truth as and now. It is not THE truth, but it is the truth as and now. See, the patterns you carry, the ideas you carry about "I", what I am. So many ideas you'll be carrying, some are factual some are comparative, some are existential, some are illusive, some are delusive, some are illusive. Different times you carry different kind of Mamakara. The Mamakara you carry, if you just understand these two things like,' what I am carrying as my Mamakara it is neither the truth at the same time that is the truth as and now.' When this understanding comes inside you, when this understanding happens inside you, you will understand one truth: The whole thing, the whole thing is psychodrama. The idea that you are man, you are woman, you are son, daughter, even the idea you are my disciple, everything is psychodrama. Please understand, because you are sitting there, you are sitting there; because I am sitting here, I am sitting here; because you behave the way you behave, because the way I behave the way I behave. Please understand, because you are sitting there, you are sitting there; because I am sitting here, I am sitting here; because the way you behave the way you behave, because the way I behave, behave the way I behave. There is no reason why you should be disciple, why I should be Guru; there is no reason why you should be listening, why I should be talking; there is no reason why you should be there, why I should be here. Please understand, when you understand the whole thing is a psychodrama because -- please listen, come to the space of listening, it is a very, very important sacred secret -- when you understand the Mamakara you carry, the identity you carry is neither the truth, but at this moment it is truth, then you will understand every time the Mamakara rides, as long as the action exists the Mamakara rides and Mamakara exists; without Mamakara there is no action. This will give you the clarity everything, whether you think you are a good person or a bad person, sometime good person and sometime bad person, sometime sick person and sometime healthy person, sometime having love and friendliness and sometime not having it, sometime joyful and sometime filled with hatred, sometime intelligent and sometime dull, so many things you will be thinking about you, sometime you will think you are intelligent and sometime you will think you are dull, whatever you think is just psychodrama. Sometimes you will appreciate your own ideas; sometimes you will say 'What a fool I am'. So, whether you appreciate your own ideas or you think what a fool you are, everything is just psychodrama, please understand. But you are afraid to see the truth t everything is psychodrama, because you are afraid that the whole thing will collapse! It is literally like if suddenly this building suddenly starts melting like a wax, how you will feel? You will feel so insecure. That is exactly the way, because suddenly everything, everything inside you and around you will start melting down if you feel the whole thing is psychodrama. Every day I am not able to come to devotee's house and maybe, both the team, if both of you guys sit together and work, you will be able to come up to some conclusion some, how to use my time more better that's all. See, I want you all to understand these few things. When you look at the thoughts without acceptance and without resistance, you will realize the whole thing is a psychodrama. If you realize your eating pattern and sleeping patterns don't have any power over you, that itself is a realization that both these patterns are also psychodrama. For example, put yourself in the situation where I am. Like, 'come on its only one hour work extra let me wake up one hour early and be here.' What all resistance you will have, tell me? How many of you will think you will surely have the resistance related to your personal life -- either food or sleep? Raise your hand. That is where you do not realize that is your lifestyle and thinking. See anything which comes from your Mamakara is a psychodrama. What I am talking is one of the highest truths of Advaitha. I know I am introducing a too big principle, but this cognition can liberate you from the restrictive mentality.

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