Your "I" is a Lie!

February 13, 2014


In today's (13th February, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gifts us all with a gold talisman -- Be a catalyst for causing others' reality! When we live this statement, being a cause for others helps loosen up and dissolve the false identities we grasp on to, allowing us to experience our true Self! True wealth is not about money but about the layers of fulfillment and completion we pile up, collected by being a cause for others. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on HOW CAUSING OTHERS' REALITY COMPLETES YOU, how Completion happens in you in causing others' reality. Before that, the 8th day of the Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsavam! Devi is gracing us on Suvarna Shipika Vaahana, means on the Golden Palkhi (palanquin). Today Devi is going to have Rathotsava on the thirty-three-feet tall Suvarna Ratha (Golden Chariot). So, she is getting ready in the Suvarna Shipika Vaahana. I will continue the satsangh. Causing other's reality! Please understand, causing others' reality is not a sacrifice, be very clear. It is neither a sacrifice nor a moral value. I am not talking from the context of moral value to cause others' reality, be very clear. I wanted to put this on record. All my teachings should be presented with context. I don't want to own it or have copyright over it. But just for not losing the context, I want it to be protected. Causing others' reality, if you do it from the right context, for the right reason, you will be just radiating enlightenment! Understand, more and more you think about the misunderstood you..... Please listen, you cannot understand you; you can only experience you. So, any conceptualization, intellectual understanding, any way you try to grasp you, it will always be misunderstanding. All your trying to grasp you will be misunderstanding. Understand, you should know the law of life. One of the biggest misunderstandings which happen in your life is you trying to grasp you. You not being comfortable with the vast you, the beautiful you, amazing you, you not celebrating that extraordinary you, and trying to grasp you, is the Original Sin! You trying to grasp you is the Original Crime! I wanted all our gurukul kids to know -- listen here: Don't try to create an image about you even though the vast you, you are not able to hold it or grasp it. See, the vast you, naturally what happens? You feel like 'Wow!' So, naturally, what you try to do? For your comfort's sake you define you through your mother's eye, through your father's eye, through your teacher's eye, through your friend's eyes. You need to know..... Today I have a lesson for gurukul kids, still who have not completely developed you. See, you completely develop an idea, the whole frame gets complete or becomes a stone only when you are twenty-one. That is the good news for you guys. See, when you are seven, eight, it gets formed like water, kind of water. And by fourteen, fifteen, it becomes ice. Only by twenty-one, it becomes stone. So, still my gurukul kids, you can build it very easily. Try to be comfortable with your vast you, the undefined you, unidentified you; nothing wrong. Be a daughter -- I am not saying don't be a daughter -- be a daughter to your mother, be a student to your teacher, be a friend to your friend, but be YOU to you! Be undefined YOU to you! This is for the gurukul kids. For the grown-up people for whom already the missed "I" has become a stone, you trying to grasp you, it is like when you try to catch the air you jump here, there, here, there, and catch some dust flying in the air and you will be imagining you have caught the air in the hand. But it is not air; the dust flying in the air, you caught that. Same way, if you try to come to a conclusion with an idea, identity about you, you try to jump, jump, jump, you just catch some missed "I", wrong "I", with that wrong "I" you hold on to you and you think you caught caught it. Listen, if you have already created an "I" about you, you have to be very careful about the truth: it is a lie. Any "I" you carry about you, even if you think you are God, it is wrong! You are not expected to THINK you are God, you are expected to EXPERIENCE you are God! The great truth, "Nithyanandoham", "I am Nithyananda", is not to be thought about, it has to be experienced! Thinking is allowed from the context of experience. Listen! Listen! Any identity you created, any "I" you created, it is wrong identity. The more and more you think about your identity, you will enter into more and more incompletion. The more you think about "I", "I", "I", the more and more incompletion you will create. Listen! Listen! Listen! Any identity you create, the more and more you think about it, you remember it, it will lead to more and more incompletion. The only way to loosen the power of your identity over the real you is by causing others' reality.

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