Your Immortality is The Truth

February 28, 2015


Today’s (27th February, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishads Series - Living Advaita. Isha Upanishad–Verse 4: anejad-ekaṁ manaso jivīyo nainad-devā āpnuvan pūrvamarṣat | tad-dhāvato’ nyān atyeti tiṣṭhat tasminn apo mātariśvā dadhāti || 4 || In this profound delivery of the Isha Upanishad, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expresses the deeper meanings of this Sutra. Mātariśvā is the life energy that moves and expands itself, supporting all of life’s activities. This life energy never dies; our immortality only moves and expands itself, having no death! Contemplating that which is unborn and is never going to die in us will lead us to the Truth.

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