Bhakti - When Your Supreme Love turns Towards God (Narada Bhakti Sutra 2)

about 3 years ago


Narada Bhakti Sutra - Everyone has Supreme Love for what we think we are. If you hink you are body, you will have supreme love for body. If you think you are your identity, you will have supreme love for your identity. Whatever you think as you, you will have supreme love for it. Directing that love towards Consciousness which continuously excites you is Bhakti. God is not somewhere far off, God is the energy that gives you constant excitement, constant inspiration. If you can direct your Love towards that consciousness you are God, you are experiencing God, you are in devotion. Narada Bhakti Sutras give you this direct powerful knowledge (Shastra) and practical weapon (Astra) to use when you are in depression. HDH raises us to the reality that everything that is happening is auspicious. It may not make sense in regular times, but when you are depressed or going through hard times, this Shastra Shastra. Any idea that clicks during real suffering and relieves you from the suffering is Initiation, HDH gives us this one knowledge, one technique and if you openly receive, Initiation itself to this sacred science. In this discourse HDH shares this science to all. For a devotee, this is a Guaranteed Solution, for a disciple this is Guaranteed Enlightenment. DVD 284 NaradaBhaktiSutras 02 11th July 2007 kharadi falls for upload

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