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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON JULY 22 2012 IN MADURAI, INDIA In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) replies to a question on Bhagavad Gita. The verse in question advises intense action without clinging to reward. The questioner wants to understand how to apply this verse to his life. Paramahamsa responds that the common factor for all our actions should be the totality of our commitment. Whether business, relationship or public service, when we give complete attention to each task, we perform for the sake of the task and not for the sake of the outcome. That is the correct application of this verse. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome you all with my love and respects. Today the graduation day of July Inner Awakening. I am looking back, we completed 11 Inner Awakenings successfully. This is the 11th one and first time out of Bidadi. Despite of all the harassments, despite of all the harassments, problems, successfully we have completed the 11th Inner Awakening. Very smoothly, successfully and strongly spiritually successfully and such an intense work on every person / individual. This Inner Awakening shows the power of spiritual strength. Actually I was working on developing and further sharpening and making the Inner Awakening a strong experience to the core. We are very successfully this time, adding more and more stronger, deeper truths. More homas, pujas, everything we have increased. The number of pujas, the number of the rituals, and the number of meditations, number of process, number of akashic readings, everything only got added in this IA and every participant had their question answered at least one question in akashic reading. Great! Really wonderful! I can't believe 11 Inner Awakenings are over. Feels like just the other day I started the first Inner Awakening very casually. Everything we start very casually only becomes too big in our sangha. Very casually I started this morning satsang. Very causally. When I said, I will start everyday morning satsang I will come regularly. Not a single fellow in my ashram believed. They believed even when I said I am enlightened. But they cannot believe that I will wake up every morning regularly and come in a time, because if you see before I started this satsang, my life style, routine and me don't get along well. especially early morning sleep and if there is no program I will slowly get out of the bed, 10 o'clock only. I will wake up; I won't sleep; I will wake up by 4o'clock; after 4 I won't sleep. But I will just sit; just sit stretching the leg, I will not read; I will not see TV, nothing, no activity, just I will sit in Samadhi gazing at the wall. Nothing. Then slowly by 10 o'clock I will come out and walk upto the temple, do namaskar, then take bath, 1 o'clock I will eat, it was a chaos. There was no routine. But this morning satsang, when I announced nobody was ready to believe.. eh! Swamiji, following a routine, especially early morning coming out.. ? forget about it; it is all just 2 days, because they are also supposed to come. That is the way they were consoling themselves. It will all be over in 2 days, don't worry. The seniors were consoling the juniors, and juniors were consoling the seniors, they both were consoling each other. They never expected finally they will.. it will become our life style. Now, even devotees, whatever country/city they may be... if they don't attend the satsang, something is missing. No, I can see.. either they are in BIdadi, or they are in Kodaikanal, they are in Seattle, they are in St.Louis, they are in San Jose.. but they are in front of my camera. I see them only in different screen, that's all. The first question today is from Anand Singh, IA No.8 who is saying.. Dear Swamiji, in Bhagavad Gita chapter 5 verse 11 and Chapter 5 verse 12, the sacred secret is -- 'Constantly perform responsible intense action with no clinging to the reward of performance.' My question is -- I typically prioritise my business tasks by revenue; the higher the revenue, the higher the priority of the task. Is this verse 11 and 12 of chapter 5 applicable in the planning, execution, or both phases. Please clarify. Thank you, Swamiji. Please understand, you doing the business tasks by the revenue, higher the revenue, higher the priority is perfect. Nothing wrong. But when you start calculating your whole life just based on the money or the revenue, that is where something is seriously wrong. At some points you may have to perform many actions which does not bring direct revenue but which brings fulfillment. For example, all the actions in your relationship, family; you may have to get a toy and give it to your child, you may have to give a smile to your spouse, you may have to give a hug to your friend, don't lose those dimensions. Unfortunately if you put everything in the revenue sheet; toy is not a revenue, it is only an expense, a smile is not going to give you revenue,

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