Meditation Technique To Bring Awareness To Your Whole Body || 24 September 2005 ||

about 3 years ago


Name Of The Program - Arogya Spurana Program Session - Visualization technique To Bring Awareness To Your Whole Body Venue- Durate Ashram, Los Angeles, USA Date- 24 September 2004 In this Video, HDH #Nithyananda Paramashivam explains our wrong idea about living with the whole body. We do not use every part of our #body at the same time. As we age, we focus on some parts more than the other such as focusing on the right side of the body rather than the left. We tend to lose #awareness of our whole body. The technique that Swamiji expounds will help to relieve the body of tension and worries. Feeling centered or being completely aware of our being awakens this awareness. This will get rid of any pain in our body as we will become mindful of our whole body and pain will not be able to enter our system.

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